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The Educator has been uniquely designed to meet the demands of the education
sector. This market needs a highly reliable laminator that is capable of
laminating small cut pieces as well as standard sizes. The Educator series has
been manufactured using metal gears, larger rollers and bigger motors to stand
up to the rigorous daily use. The twin heating, including hot roller technology
and cooling fans enables faster output than other models. Because of these
unique features the Educator offers a 2 year warranty - twice that offered by
most other brands.
For optimum results and to prevent jams we strongly recommend using a Laminating Lifejacket or laminating card carrier.

Here's what a NZ Business Machine Service Technician

Numerous makes of laminators pass through our workshop; many of which are
expensive plastic rubbish and with price tags of between $800-$900 and with
parts being very difficult to obtain.

We have yet to see a machine in this price range which would come anywhere
near the PEAK laminators in terms of robustness and durability. The PEAK
laminator is well built and is a true Hotshoe laminator meaning that the heating
rods are enclosed within the rotating rollers so that the rollers do not have to
rely on the reflected heat of external heating elements which run very hot.

So for value for money, avaliability of parts and out and out reliability we
would recommend the PEAK range of Hotshoe laminators every time. They are simple
to use and reliable without any fancy electronic gimmicks or bad habits. They
will even laminate newspaper articles using a minimum thickness pouch!

A.R. McIntyre Registered
Electrician and Service Technician


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