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Explore early numeracy with these adorable plush dolls! These number Dolls from 0-9 have cute facial expressions and

increase in size from 9 cm to 16 cm high. Included is 7 hook and loop math signs: addition, subtraction, multiplication, equals,

greater than and less than. The dolls stand up on their own! We have chosen specific colours so students can represent the

visible spectrum of light by lining up their dolls from zero, black (the absence of all light) through red, orange, yellow, green,

blue and purple to white (the presence of all the colours). Each number loves to “hold hands” with their friends. Place the math

signs directly onto the hands to create equations. These versatile dolls are perfect for lots of different ages and competencies.

Practice early numeracy by sequencing the numbers and using the < and > signs to demonstrate an understanding of relative

value. Older students can create and solve colourful equations. Make addition and subtraction visible! The different sized dolls

help make concrete the abstract idea of value changes. 8 minus 1 clearly conveys that only a small amount of value is being

lost from the 8. Conversely, two large numbers like 7 and 9 denote two large values that need two number dolls to create the

answer! Buy a second set of dolls to create an incredible range of fun math activities, equations and counting games.

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