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Who’s the stationery supplier that won’t cop out, when your office supplies start to run out?... Eeny Meeny! 

Now you might think that buying office supplies is an easy task, right? Well that's until you reach an impasse where you must choose between the chisel and bullet tip marker. And sometimes it gets even more complicated; tossing up what the varying weights of paper mean, finding out if your marker ink is Xylene free, or determining what laminator meets your organisation’s needs. That’s where Eeny Meeny comes in. We’ve scoured the globe, forged relationships with suppliers and asked all the big questions that you want answered. Because we know that behind every achievement, big and small, there’s a stationary cupboard chock-full of office supplies.


You’ll be spoilt for choice with our selection of office supplies and stationery. Our team has pulled out all the stops to ensure that when you shop with us, you’ll receive the best variety, price, quality and service. This is thanks to the strong relationships that we have with our suppliers, nurtured over the last two decades, allowing us to bring you the stationery brands you know, love and trust. With our team of dedicated account managers, we deliver personalized service and support, offering advice on how you can make your office more productive and making sure that each time you shop with us, is a fun and rewarding experience. Our customer experience doesn’t stop there, we also have a helpful and friendly customer service team, who are dedicated to putting you first with every interaction. More than just awesome variety and sensational pricing!

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Eeny Meeny Office Supplies



When you shop with Eeny Meeny you’ll also receive:

  • Reward Points: These are the golden ticket (or golden stickers) for unlocking amazing products from our rewards range. Customers adore them because they can be used to redeem additional resources, like classpacks of colour pens, outdoor games, or a laminator for the office. They can even be used for redeeming fabulous staff treats and rewards which are perfect for raffles, such as our MOR beauty and pamper products and decadent gift hampers.

  • Tons of freebies and promos: At Eeny Meeny we believe that more is more. So when you pick up one of our brochures you’ll discover loads of opportunities to receive extras; sometimes it’s yummy treats that your team can share, like blocks of chocolate, other times it’s extra resources that budgets otherwise could not be stretched to purchase, like high quality colour paper and felt pens. 

  • Order in bulk and save big: We know you’re busy and some supplies have a habit of disappearing as fast as they came in through the door. That’s why we offer bulk discounts on a variety of products, from copy paper to whiteboard markers. Ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck and reduce the need to constantly reorder your high demand products.

  • Super speed delivery: We hold thousands of products at our warehouse and work closely with our distributors to ensure that you receive your order at a lightning fast pace. Our delivery agency comes in multiple times a day, carefully packing their trucks with Eeny Meeny boxes, ready to be sorted at their depot that’s minutes away!

  • Out of this world support: Not only do we have account manager and a friendly customer service team to help you out, but we also offer live web chat. Have a question? Simply type your question in the chat box during our business hours and one of our helpful monsters will be in touch quick smart!


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